A simple, compact solution

We’re bringing back vegetable production close to the consumer by helping people growing their vegetables at home. Ultra-local production allows vegetable harvesting minutes before consumption, greatly improving the taste, freshness and safety of the food grown. An electronically controlled environment gives plants the best conditions to thrive, reducing or even eliminating the need for harmful pesticides/herbicides.

Smart technology

Our smart systems allow you to grow your own food in a city environment using modern techniques and technologies such as hydroponics, LED lights and smart control. Everything you need is contained in an easy to use, fully automated “box” that allows even inexperienced users to grow food at home. Use your smart phone to monitor and control the grow environment.

Grow your own supply of healthy foods

  • Better food taste and freshness
  • Eat healthier vegetables without harmful additives
  • Reduce environmental impact, including CO2 emissions
  • Full control on the entire growing process for total food security

Interactive System

Use mobile apps on your iPhone or Android based devices to monitor the grow progress, gather statistics, get nutrients supply levels alerts, and share pictures with friends. Join an online community of enthusiasts who will share grow recipes for many different types of vegetables based on personal experiences.

Why are we doing this?

A sustainable food supply is a known problem in poor countries but it is becoming a problem for developed countries faced with rapid population growth in big urban areas. Our food supply is constantly threatened due to rising energy consumption from the industrialization of agriculture, in addition to increased use of chemicals and GMO, elevated food and water waste, a lower food security and decreased biodiversity. All this means that the current system of producing and supplying food will become unsustainable in the near future.

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