A New Way to Think About Hydroponics

Hydroponics has the power to change the way we think about producing sustainable food, and we provide the tools to make that dream become reality. Our solution allows you to manage your indoor growth from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer). With the collective experience of millions of global users, we create an Open Recipe System that is ushering Personal Urban Farming into a whole new era.

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What We Stand For

Will you join us on the sustainable food journey?
Few things are more universal than food. We all need food. Yet, food remains a problem — and often a serious problem for a significant percent of the world population who grapple with food insecurity. Personal Urban Farming is the solution, and we are helping to provide an answer through the our system.

  • Completely Automatic

    Recipe execution is 100% automated, giving you the control you need while saving time.

  • Alarms For Critical Conditions

    Until now, changing conditions were monitored manually, but now you are alerted anywhere in the world of low water, high pH, low nutrient concentration and more!

  • Online Growth Recipe Network

    Until now, the only growth recipe information was found in books. Now, millions of users have access to online recipes that are extremely precise and self-monitoring to give you the best results possible

  • Versatile Controller

    The PRO Line SWISSPONIC SYSTEM controller monitors everything regarding your recipe’s execution. With integrated input and outputs, you can connect third-party sensors and actuators and adapt to any system for total control in any environment

When Compared to Traditional Soil Farming

Water Saved 95%
Carbon Emission saved so far 35%
Labor cost saved trough automation 85%
More density production per square meter 30%
Scalable 100%

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