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People are more to more asking themselves what they are eating and lots of journalists are finally investigating on the consequences for our health due to abuse of chemicals use in agriculture. Unfortunately there are Governments that still allows the use of pesticides to grow better vegetables that are prohibited in the Europe and North America areas since they are considered carcinogen. Hereafter we link some reports in Italian Language (also relating water contamination and new farming trends), if have other interesting reports in any language please do not hesitate to send us the link so to post it on our blog. Thank you.


Italia 1 Le Iene – Cibo contaminato sulle nostre tavole. Come difenderci?

Italia 1 Le Iene – L’erbicida nuoce alla salute del mondo?

Italia 1 Le Iene – Quando l’acqua diventa veleno

Rai 3 Indovina chi viene a cena – L’insalata era nell’orto