DSC01040 The time for an update has come. We’ve been quite silent lately because… well, we were working…
I hear you saying “Ok, great… but working at what?”, along with other questions like:

Well, all excellent questions that I will try to answer with the next blog posts. Stay tuned!

Let’s start with the most asked question: how can I deposit $1M on your bank account? That’s easy, just contact us and we will arrange the transfer. But be quick, we have dozen people lined up waiting…
Jokes apart, if you are interested I will discuss our financing plans in one of the next posts.

The second most asked question is what we are currently working at. Let me give you a quick overview of our development plan. In short, we are developing devices to allow everyone to grow healthy vegetables at home. Yes, everyone, even you that don’t have the green thumb.

A bit of context. We are a team of inventors and we are doing what we like most: developing useful solutions to interesting problems. We spent the past two years working on proof of concepts and prototypes, testing materials, techniques and ideas. We focused our researches on hydroponic since it demonstrated the best way. We built dozens of electronic boards, wrote thousands of software code lines, changed our development platform a couple of times, sacrificed hundreds young shoots for the love of science. And now it is time for the results.

I’m glad to announce that the result of our endless working nights is coming. The first incarnation of our product will be in the form of a rugged hydroponic controller for DIY lovers. I don’t want to disclose too many details yet (so that I have material for another post), but be sure that it will revolutionize the way hydroponic aficionados operate their equipment. No more stupid timers! Welcome to the next generation.

We already have a working prototype and we are currently waiting to receive an upgraded version in a couple of weeks. After the due firmware modifications, we plan to start the beta testing phase with some selected partners (if you are interested, let us know). When we will completely satisfied of the performance and quality, we will release it.

From now on, I would like to share our journey with you, so I invite you to come back often and subscribe to our newsletter. And of course, the most important thing: share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. YOU are the reason of our work.

See you soon!