There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.
(William Barclay)http://abisgroup.ru

Let me try to fulfill my promise to answer all your questions. Today’s blog will deal with the “why” we are doing all this.
We are developing a product. It will help you growing your vegetables at home. Nice. But… why?
Good question, that in reality can be translated to “why are we doing this?” and “why should you care?”.

The answer to the first question is that we really want to improve the health of our magnificent planet and the people living on it. The motivation that keep us waking up early in the morning and go late to bed is that we want give our contribution in saving the world. Of course, there are many ways. We tried to candidate to the Miss Universe contest since it seems that saving the world is the common goal of all the candidates, but without success. So we went back to what we are good in: inventing things (and having fun).

We believe that the current state of the food production chain is not sustainable for the long term. Take a look to the vegetable production. Food is cultivated in remote areas using intensive agricultural methods. You know what it means. Chemical nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are pumped into an otherwise dead ground. Water is sprinkled with a great use of energy and mostly wasted into the land and air. And then what? Vegetables are harvested almost raw weeks before consumption, they are stored in refrigerators and then they are transported for thousands of kilometers to arrive on your table.

It is happening every day. Does it sound good to you? To us, no. So we decided to do something.

We aim to bring back food production close to the consumer. It used to be this way, but globalization changed everything. We promote local production and local consumption. We are lucky to live in a country (Switzerland) that has the chance to grow its own food (not completely exploited, however), but we recognize that not all the big cities or areas of the planet have this possibility. We are working on solving this problem. We are developing a solution that will enable everybody to grow his own food directly in the kitchen, basement or wherever you prefer. Imagine that near your fridge you have another closet containing and growing fresh and nutritious vegetables. Wouldn’t be fantastic? It may sound futuristic, but it could be a reality in a not so far future.

Remember that the first cars and the first refrigerators were considered too futuristic and without future. Look at them now.