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PCBs on the way

I just received news from our supplier that controller’s PCBs are on the way . We will receive them in few days and then we will program them, do the final tests, assembly the enclosures, package them and they will be ready for starting Beta Test! In the meanwhile, we are finalizing all the documents and [...]

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Alpha is going – Beta is coming

Just an update on the situation in these cold days of January. The Alpha testing phase for our controller will terminate as planned at the end of January. Then, in February we are going to start the Beta testing program, widening the circle of beta testers and opening it to the public. Let me recap [...]

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September news

Long time has passed since last post and you will be curious about our progresses. Behind the long silence there thousands of line of code, dozens of burnt integrated circuits, countless sleepless nights and hard, hard work. Uh, and even some beers. We progressed well on all the departments and the result is that last week [...]

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Why (again)?

Today, let me expand a little on the topic of the “why”, in particular on the “why should you care”.sports74.ru Healthier foodУлитки Less environment impact People are able to cultivate special variety of vegetables, today not sold anymore because considered too delicate and therefore not profitable by the big industry.

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veroxybd.com There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why. (William Barclay)http://abisgroup.ru Let me try to fulfill my promise to answer all your questions. Today’s blog will deal with the “why” we are doing all this. We are developing a product. It will help you [...]

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