Ecco perché sviluppiamo soluzioni per la coltivazione automatizzata di verdura in idroponica

L’allarme siccità in Italia dovuta alle basse precipitazioni degli ultimi mesi causerà notevoli danni al settore agricolo. Per soddisfare la richiesta i distribuzioni dovranno rivolgersi all’estero e importare le verdure a costi maggiori e non necessariamente della medesima qualità, con un conseguente impatto ambientale dovuto ai trasporti. La situazione potrebbe essere meno problematica se si facesse capo a coltivazioni controllate in culture idroponiche come quelle realizzate da Swissponic.

Articolo ANSA

Articolo Repubblica

Articolo Il Sole 24ore


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Patrick talk at Seeds&Chips 2017 (Milan)

Patrick’s has been invited to give a speech about the cities of the future at Seeds&Chips 2017 Milan, on Tuesday May 9th.
Special conference – Inspire power : Feeding the cities – Urban & Vertical farming

“Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit is one of the top Food Innovation events worldwide.
We are dedicated to showcasing national and international talent and cutting-edge solutions from around the world.”

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We participate to the SICTIC Investor Day in Zürich on 14.12.2016!

Are you interested to invest in Swissponic? Well there is a good chance to learn more about us in two weeks in Zürich. We have been selected from the Jury of the SICTIC Investor Day as one of the eight most promising startups. More information and inscription request you can find on the link above. We are looking forward to meeting you!

SICTIC Investor Day


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Architects plan green self sustainable buildings

Not only energy efficiency is a big point for new buildings, homes have to become more active. The last 10 years as been signed with great increment of new renewable energy production through photovoltaic panels installations. Now also the green reintroduction on the spaces occupied by cementer expansion is becoming a necessity. This is the case of this innovative project in Vienna where they combined photovoltaic and green on the rooftop, with the right technology they can improve the solution by introducing vegetable cultivation.

Fillmore article (German Language)

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It’s official, we are one of the ten finalists!

After two years of engineering work, Alpha and Beta tests, countless workshops and many many hours of business model scenarios, we are pleased to inform our followers that we have reached our goal by completing our home farming solution with automated control system and that we will officially go to market on early 2017. We also decided to apply to our nearest start up competition (Startcup Ticino) and the great notice is that we have been selected as one of the ten finalists for the best Start up of the year 2016 for innovation and rising opportunity.

Details on the ceremony you find on this link (Startcup Ticino 2016 Ceremony) where you can also participate (terms of inscription is 26.11.16) and vote our Start up.

Stay tuned and thank you in advance for your support!

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Consequences of pesticide use in agriculture

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People are more to more asking themselves what they are eating and lots of journalists are finally investigating on the consequences for our health due to abuse of chemicals use in agriculture. Unfortunately there are Governments that still allows the use of pesticides to grow better vegetables that are prohibited in the Europe and North America areas since they are considered carcinogen. Hereafter we link some reports in Italian Language (also relating water contamination and new farming trends), if have other interesting reports in any language please do not hesitate to send us the link so to post it on our blog. Thank you.


Italia 1 Le Iene – Cibo contaminato sulle nostre tavole. Come difenderci?

Italia 1 Le Iene – L’erbicida nuoce alla salute del mondo?

Italia 1 Le Iene – Quando l’acqua diventa veleno

Rai 3 Indovina chi viene a cena – L’insalata era nell’orto

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